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Whenever liquid predominates, issuing from the unmarried cavity, it disseminates comfort, like, generosity, patience, quietness, and other allied virtues

Whenever liquid predominates, issuing from the unmarried cavity, it disseminates comfort, like, generosity, patience, quietness, and other allied virtues

One of several Karen and you will Burmese the new instinct is actually kept becoming the new seat of your own interests and the diseases, different moods and you can bodily standards being attributed to the clear presence of snap (« k’ li »), flame (« me »), or liquids (« paw leh »). Brand new elders assert you to ten hundred or so cavities throughout the gut contain snap, several consist of flames, plus one includes liquid. Whenever fire is within the ascendancy, you’re incited so you can envy, malice, hatred, and revenge. The different characteristics is intermingled when you look at the one’s reputation equal in porportion so you’re able to new mingling of the multiple issue.[26-9]

The urine of one sex can be given given that a good liniment to possess persons of the opposite gender

Some of the charms donned by both the Karen therefore the Burmese developed to eliminate cinch away from wearing the new ascendancy from inside the the fresh new abdomen. Certainly one of such as for example appeal was strings of dehydrated fruits out-of certain vegetation, chain out of gold coins that happen to be blown through to, and you may gnarled cords that have been put-on this new wearer by elders otherwise prophets.

Anything is still around said in regards to the »k’ thi thras » otherwise « medicine-teachers, » exactly who material medicines out-of various origins and you can plants with which they behavior a sort of medical lore, and their occult rites. There is no doubt however, which they see the healing step regarding certain herbs. They will highlight a certain forest on the review one to their renders are good for fever or some other criticism. To my requst for the majority prescriptions a good Karen doctor provided me with 100 of those. Dr. Wade has compiled over 40 profiles regarding scientific formulae of several classes, among them nearly all genuine worthy of. Dr. Mason states the name out-of a small creeping bush (Hydrocotyle asiatica) which, in the event that applied once the a great poultice over the years, usually arrest, if it cannot lose, leprosy.[26-10] Just how many ones Karen medications try off Burmese, Shan, or Talign supply I can not say. I was informed a few times that the Karen which nevertheless stay-in its ancient conditions, count wholly into wonders and you may offerings to cure disorder. My observation guides me to believe that making use of medication develops, since the individuals become a lot more about towards the experience of almost every other racing.

New Karen believe that odors has a marked effect on the newest human body, both for a great as well as ill. There’s almost nothing you to definitely a great Karen otherwise, indeed, a great Burman fears much when he do the smell off cooking pounds (« ta neu xo »). They think that smell somehow comes into your body, particularly when there’s a scrape of the skin, and results in a myriad of trouble, also abrupt demise. To cease touching that it smell, they usuall create one frying that can be needed out-of-gates, and you can keep its delivers their noses to save from the dread possibilities. Having therapeutic intentions smelling-salts is actually well-known among both Karens and you can Burmans, after they also come in bazaar. A few of the drugs include asafoetida and other smelly-smelling http://datingranking.net/escort-directory/fontana/ items, being thought to features a direct influence on the brand new paitent. Bitter and you may acrid-sampling medication are inside great prefer.

The latest incidence out-of snap over the other elements provides pride, aspiration, greed, evil wants, and hilarity

Besides such remedies the brand new Karen « medicine-teachers » turn to unpleasant concbur, the hair on your head and you may genitals away from particular dogs, tigers’ and you can leopards’s whiskers, particular elements of individual corpses, you hair off people, dung of all of the classes, the fresh scrapings throughout the charred finishes away from bamboos utilized in striking corpses into funeral service pyre, an such like. The following is a drugs taken from the newest Karen Thesaurus, where it’s known as « a grand febrifuge »: « Make the umbilical wire reduce from an alternative-created man, brand new undigested kernels about dung away from your pet dog, light and you will red onions, ginge and you may black colored pepper in equivalent quantities; mix carefully while making towards the pills the dimensions of the finish of your little finger; amount, one by one to be taken inside warm water. »[26-11]